Is this my next cam?

Ricoh GR Digital III, originally uploaded by d!zzy.

I'm tired of taking the same photos. As I took last year. As everyone else takes. I need a new way. And I need a replacement for me recently departed Ricoh GX100. I took it on many adventures and put it through its paces - like mounting it on a speeding, vibrating motorcycle. In the cold. In the rain. It never once complained. It's now probably sitting forlorn in some pawn shop in Rome, or in the grubby paws of some ne'er do well. Rest its CCD soul...

Anyway, though tempted by the new Canon S90 and Olympus E-P1, I am still drawn to this little bugger. It's a little jewel, and priced like one, but I know that I will want no other for the next 5 years, or until it's stolen.

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