Pentax Q Compendium

Separated at birth?

In 2012 I took over 7,000 photos with the diminutive Pentax Q, and have been blogging about from day one (almost). I write about cameras as I use them, learning and sharing along the way, because I believe that you can't really know a camera by shooting it in a testing lab and doing a couple of walkabouts. This is especially true these days, as cameras have a lot of customizable and special features that take some time to play and work with to understand.

Here are some of the more informative posts:

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  1. Great blog. My first DSLR was a Pentax K-x. It just died on my today and I am looking at buying something new. The Q10 has definitely peaked my interests. 99% of the time I am using my 18/55 lens and have it on "sports" setting for my lack of tallent.
    I am trying to get a good comparison between the k-x and the q10. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks you

    1. Thanks for reading, Justan. My wife has the K-x and I have used it extensively. It is a much "better" camera than the Q - much better image quality, faster AF, faster FPS, better in low light, and so forth and so on. The Q, while fun, is no direct replacement, but if you like taking artful shots of subjects that don't move and use a tripod when the light isn't good, then the Q may fit your needs. If you want to photograph moving subjects in poor light, maybe check out the K-30, two generations newer than your K-x. On the other hand, maybe get the K-x fixed???