Looming. Large.

Looming. Large., originally uploaded by john m flores.
Went into "The City" today (there is only one) to meet an old friend in town. Was ready to head out the door with the Pentax K20d and a fistful of primes, the Canon G10 as backup, and the Olympus XA to play with. At the last minute I decided to leave the Pentax behind. It was a nice day with good light, after all, and the G10 performs quite well in good light. As good as a dSLR? Not quite, but good enough and a lot easier to play with and feel all serious and stuff. It wasn't a photo trip, after all, and I felt that placing a black box to my eye while in the middle of a conversation would be a little rude.

It was the right choice. The G10 is a serious little camera, but you don't really stand out when you are wandering about and pick it up to take a photo. For much of the day it hung around my neck (via a Sony strap, thank you very much), ready to spring to life. Taking a shot was dead simple, even in manual mode. It barely interrupted the conversation. Tom, as it so happens, brought his G11 along, so we had ourselves a good ole' PowerShot G-series meetup!

Among folks like myself that started with film, I think that I'm in the minority that loves rear LCD screens for composing. Yes they crap out in harsh light, and holding a camera at the end of a lever arm isn't the most stable, but you get angles that are otherwise hard, a the DOF of a small sensor helps in the convenience department.

And as far as quality is concerned, good enough for me. I took some photos with the G10 on my last trip to VT. I won't be surprised if a photo or two ends up in the story.

This shot, by the by, is from the High Line, the new park built upon the old tracks of the elevated subway. A great move on New York's part, another piece of respite from the buzz of the apple...


  1. Love your work a lot!



  2. Thank you Benjamin. That means a lot coming from someone whose work I admire so much!