Nate, relaxed.

Nate, relaxed., originally uploaded by john m flores.
Come to think of it, when isn't he relaxed?

Panasonic GH2 with 20/F1.7 prime. Shot at ISO800, F2.0, 1/50s.

This was a difficult lighting situation - light streaming in through the window behind the cat. I had to really push the exposure to get the cat well exposed. This is one of those shots where the resulting photo is much brighter than reality was. The GH2 AF did well in this situation, and the lens is rendering Nate's face nice and sharp while throwing his tail (closer to the camera) and body (farther from the camera) into a nice blur. I didn't notice it at first, but the top edge of the cat isn't that attractive - it almost looks like I cut the background away and did a poor job of it.

One of the big, unexpected benefits of the EVF is that you can chimp in the viewfinder and make adjustments to your exposure settings without taking the camera away from your eye. I have it set up for 1 second review after the photo is taken, so I can take the photo, instantly check the exposure, make any adjustments with the rear dial, and then shoot again, all without having to reframe or refocus. It's something I had not thought about when buying the camera, but now find it very valuable, to the point where when I pick up a dSLR I miss that ability...

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