Lanes of Vegetables

Lanes of Vegetables, originally uploaded by john m flores.

Via Flickr:
Took the GF2 with the 14/F2.5 to the farmer's market. To be honest, it's such a compact setup that I pretty much take it anywhere. Took it to dinner last night and set it on the table as we ate. Didn't take a shot, but was ready if anything presented itself.

Although I was raised on eye-level optical viewfinders, I love composing with a rear LCD. The flexibility it provides is worth any challenges of stability or viewability in bright light. As long as I can see the exposure meter I'm good. It even lets photographers talk to their subject more easily - without a big box in front of your face.

For the record, I wasn't talking to these vegetables, but I was thinking back to shots I took a couple of years ago at the same market, a Pentax K20d and DA35/F2.8 Macro Limited being my tools of choice. Check out some shots:www.flickr.com/photos/johnmflores/sets/72157621936847557/...

To be honest, many of the Pentax shots have an extra something to them, but the Panny GF2 and 14/2.5 have acquitted themselves quite nicely. And the Panny gets taken to dinner way more often...

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