I'm back. Yes, I know it's been like almost 4 years. I've been busy.

Two years ago I resolved to arrest my decline into ignorance by reading more. I read 26 books in 2003, alphabetical by author's last name. I tried to choose authors who I had not previously read, to expose myself to new perspectives and new styles. My favorites? Nabokov's "Lolita" (If I could write a tenth as good as him I'd be happy) and The Buru Quartet by Pramoedya Ananta Toer (about the dawning of Indonesia's national consciousness at the turn of the 20th century). Go read.

One year ago I resolved to continue my mental resuscitation with writing - a skill I've slowly honed over the years, but sorely in need of a stretch. The result? 3 small stories and a thumbleful of photos published in a regional (Northeast US) motorcyce publication, Backroads. Writing to me is painful but terribly satisfying.

So now it's 2005. What now? More writing. This blog. My other blog "TwoWheelsGood". More photography. With any luck, more room for expression, more room for growth.

Thx for listening.

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