Logan plays with an iPhone (video)

Logan plays with an iPhone from john flores on Vimeo.

Logan and I went to the River Star Diner for dinner the other night. He's an active little bugger - has a hard time sitting still. So after imploring him several times to use his inside voice and sit, I gave him my iPhone to play with. He's got a couple of games there that he likes, so it's an instant babysitter!

I shoot these little videos to practice and learn from my mistakes. I've graduated from iA Movie mode (720p, 60FPS) to manual shooting after having trouble with WB in another shot. I was curious to see how 24FPS would handle the movement of Logan's hands as he plays an iPhone flying game. Light in the diner was dim - not romantic restaurant dim, but dim enough - and had a yellow cast. At first I stabilized the camera on the table, and then reframed slightly.

Shot with the Panasonic GH2 with 20mm F1.7 @ (IIRC) ISO800, 1/50s, F2.0, 24FPS. Manual mode with WB set to tungsten. If you hear a click early on, that's me setting the AF to manual so that the camera doesn't hunt repeatedly between the phone and his face.


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  2. An advise for good autofocus in video, AFS mode: in the Motion Picture menu, set Continuous AF to OFF. As a result, focus will only change when you press the shutter button half-way!

  3. Good day. (I found your weblog whilst surfing for information for the new Panasonic GH2) May I ask you something about this lens? Im brand new in the micro 4/3 world and just ordered the Panasonic GH2 camera. This lens you talk about (20mm F1.7) is it a good one to use for portrait?

  4. @Amazingjazz, the 20mm F1.7 is a great lens for candids and general use - I have it on my GH2 80% of the time. In terms of classic portraits - head and shoulders shots in controlled, lit environments - I don't generally take those kinds of photos so it's hard to say. In terms of the classic rules of portraiture, it's probably a little short. Hope this helps, and thanks for visiting!