Can't sleep

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Nearly 3 hours past the witching hour and I huddle in a darkened corner and bang away at this tiny netbook keyboard. The left side of my face - hell the left side of my head - hasn't been right for days. Feels like it's a vice grip until I pop a couple of Tylenol then it just feels like it's wrapped tightly in cheesecloth. My left nostril is congested so I Googled it. The good news it that it's not likely that I have head cancer or some other terminal disease. The bad news is that it's likely a sinus headache. Tried the natural solution - neti pot with salt water - which has provided some relief. But I'm still awake.

I'm pretty bad at lying there and counting sheep. In most cases I devise ways that the sheep can get over the fence without resorting to jumping. Maybe some type of ramp or a catapult system, which completely gets around the point of counting sheep. So the rule is, if you can't fall asleep after 30 minutes of lying there, get up. Do something that resembles productive, like adding a post to a neglected blog.

Does anyone even use blogs as a public journal anymore? I may in fact be the only one left, the balance of blogs focused on marketers trying to build up their reputation and Google rankings. Marketers ruin everything. Laugh. Out. Loud.

So then this other thing, this Tumblr comes along. A friend started using it a couple of months ago and then it was in a NY Times story. So I go and get an account. For what purpose I don't know. As the saying goes, you can never have enough blogs to neglect. I just made that up.

Maybe what's keeping me up is the boatload of projects and ideas moored in the back of my mind - photography projects and business ideas and motorcycle trip planning and work and music and some midlife crisis stuff as well. All crammed in. All vying for attention.

Ok, so the lids are getting heavy again - looking at a computer, especially one with a miniscule screen and even more minisculear type, always does that. So maybe I'll go with that vibe for a while and see if lowering the lids will result in sleep, or just more sheep being cleverly conveyed to the other side of the yard. Out.

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