Our campsite

Our campsite, originally uploaded by john m flores.
Maybe I'm just cheap, or maybe I've had too much granola, but this is better than any 1-star, 2-star, or even 3-star hotel. Only when you get up to the ultramegaluxury hotels, with beds that feel like clouds and views and vistas to die for can you pull me away from the simple pleasures of camping...

Just got back from a great week at Acadia National Park, and for the second consecutive visit the state of Maine has wowed me with its natural beauty. Took the cameras, of course, but in a place this beautiful taking a good photo is like shooting fish in a barrel. Took ~1k photos in total. Still processing them. But I do have some good ones. Better than this simple shot of our campsite for sure.

One thing to note is that I really tried to work with the Pentax DA 10-17 Fisheye zoom, as in this photo. I bought this lens with a lot of enthusiasm, but just can't come to grips with it. The fisheye effect is best consumed in small quantities. One of the cool things about the lens is that it goes from fisheye at 10mm to more rectilinear at 17mm.

Still, I'm moving beyond the first phase of wide angle photography - go wide just so you can fit everything into the frame - and looking to take the next step. What that next step is and how to take it is what befuddles. I guess that's the photographer's journey...

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