2 Cameras, 6 Bananas

2 Cameras, 6 Bananas, originally uploaded by john m flores.

Here's a side by side of the photos. The colors of the GH2 are punchier for sure. But as I said before, the K20d's colors were more representative of the actual scene.

Is Panasonic punching up the colors on purpose? We do live in an era after all where designers and photographers everywhere are sliding contrast and saturation sliders to 11. So while the K20d may be "right", the GH2 is "right now."

Finally, it's ironic that the K20d missed focus again. This has been my one and constant bugbear about the camera. I've managed to work around it, but it is eye opening to use a camera where the AF just flat works, and a mirrorless one at that! Well done Panasonic...

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