Sturgis Winter is the time to hole up inside, go through the 35,000+ photos taken in the last 12 months, and find the ones worth salvaging... This one is in Sturgis SD during their big summer rally. Bikers come from all across the country to celebrate the biker lifestyle. We were a couple hundred miles away in Fort Collins CO when we started seeing bikes making their way to Sturgis. It's quite a spectacle. Not for sportbikes, that's for sure.

Shot with the Pentax K-5 paired with the DA70mm F2.4. Almost directly into the sun - just look at the long shador of the first bike. The camera and lens handled this perfectly. No flare, no loss of contrast, sharp focus. It's shots like this that make me happy that I chose Pentax and make me think that I don't need full-frame after all. Then of course I come across another shot that makes me think otherwise and sends me scurrying off into the Internet for more time-wasting "gear research" but that's another story altogether...

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