Tai Chi Hot Dog

Tai Chi Hot Dog, originally uploaded by john m flores.
This is why you should always have your camera hanging around your neck, powered on and with the lens cap off. And this is what's intriguing about the Panasonic GH2 - with one of the pancake primes mounted, you can carry it around your neck and almost forget that it's there, but it's ready to spring into action when life happens. You can't say the same with many dSLRs.

Shot with the GH2 mated to the 20/F1.7 @ F2.8, 1/640, ISO160.

And for the record, I crossed the street and got a hot dog.


  1. Great picture. I saw your link on Photography Blog and decided to take a look. I would say that the GH2 with its pancake lens shoots extremely well.

  2. @ kelsci, thank you! The GH2 is a fine camera. Not the best for stills, but of a high quality.