New York from West New York, New Jersey

Here's a shot taken on New Year's Day, admiring the New York skyline from West New York, New Jersey. No joke, there's a town called West New York in New Jersey!

This shot was taken with the Panasonic GH2 mated to the 14-140 zoom. It's been quite some time since I've had a 10x, 280mm-equivalent lens, and I'm enjoying the creative possibilities on the long end. The 14-140 unfortunately, is pretty slow, an anemic F5.8 at the long end. This particular shot was 78mm (156mm eq) @ 1/4000, F8.0, ISO160.

It's hard to judge image quality in an atmosphere shot like this, but I will say that I've pushed the shot 1 stop in post and brought the shadows down to emphasize the mood. Even so, there's refreshingly little chroma noise in the shadows. The lens seems pretty sharp across the frame if you look at the only object in focus (the branches), but this is F8.0 after all, so it well should be.

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