Giving the GH1 a chance

Giving the GH1 a chance, originally uploaded by john m flores.

Via Flickr:
So I bought the GH1 as a backup to the GH2. Cheap. Real cheap. I've been really happy with the GH2, so I thought that the GH1 would be very similar. It is, but it's also very different, and I've struggled with it. Image quality is nice, but the front dial is harder to use than the rear dial on the GH2, selecting a focus point is process of press, click, press, press, press, press, click, and the EVF is a little bit of a crapshoot, amping up in low light to the point that it's no longer an accurate representation of reality.

But I paid for it and I want to give it a chance as a stills camera. So while the GH2 pulls primary duty for work, I'm mounting the Pentax K to M43 adapter to the GH1 and re-acquainting myself with my wonderful Pentax primes. They've been sitting in a drawer until I get a K-5, so they'll get a little workout while the GH1 gets a second chance.

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