Who Are You? I Really Want to Know.

So this blog and my Flickr photos are receiving an inordinate amount of traffic ever since I started writing about my Pentax K-01 experiences - much more traffic than my postings on Micro Four-Thirds cameras. I find that a bit surprising considering the lashing that the K-01 has received on the Interwebs.

So Who Are You? Are you really curious about the K-01 or do you enjoy watching train wrecks and suspect that this may be one?

Please chime in!


  1. Yes, I am curious about the K-01. I have used a Pentax film camera for many years and enjoyed *ist DS till 2009. At that time I changed my system to Micro Four-Thirds but kept my Pentax lenses. I love your positive approach to the K-01.I may buy a new camera towards the end of the year so it might be the K-01,or K-02, a mirrorless with a viewfinder? Thanks for your reports.

  2. Thanks for the response Old 57. I took a look at some of my tracking data and am seeing a lot of visits from US, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, and Bulgaria.

    The K-01 isn't a perfect camera by any stretch - I really wish I could shoot more than 1 DNG per second, and while Manual video control is still there the video is still crippled. I might not suffer these issues were it not for the sensor and the glass. The output really is quite nice.

  3. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Hi, I'm about to buy my first DSLR (for video). Nearly bought the Canon 600D but have decided to wait another month or so. Seems many new cameras are coming. I really like video from Pentax cameras though (k-x, k-5). The K-01 has 720p 60fps mode, which is nice. Shame about the focus peaking in video mode but the Canon 600D would be no better (i assume).

  4. Hey Anonymous, at this point, no dSLR or mirrorless camera is point-and-shoot when it comes to video. There's a learning curve and gear to buy if you want to keep things in focus, stabilized, and properly lit/exposed. But that's half the fun, isn't it?

    If you are willing to invest the time and practice, the K-01 should be a good hobby video camera. If all you want to do is capture memories of the family, a real video camera is probably a better choice. On the other extreme, if your shooting paid work, there are better choices, not from an image quality perspective but rather usability.

    Good luck!

  5. Hey there! i just discovered your blog, i'm using a K200D. I think the K-01 is one truly unique, exciting and great camera. One i would like to own when i have extra cash, i use my camera for my work (i'm a graphic designer). To me, a camera is just a tool, it doesn't really matter if it has a optical view finder or not to take a good picture.

    It is always great to find someone else who appreciate Pentax's effort. Great blog!

    1. Hey Tuck, thanks for the commenting. Yes, the K-01 would be great for a graphic designer - you can get unique shooting angles that you can't get with the K200D. I flip-twist screen would be even better...