Dawn at Airport Camp, Canyonlands, Utah

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Sometimes I jump too early, like the time when I jumped into digital photography with the now-laughable Sony Mavica FD-7. I'm being generous by calling it a camera, when in reality it was an electronic device built by a company that made video cameras and the Walkman and sometime in the 90s thought it would be a good idea to put the two together (this was before the term "mashup" was even invented.). Anywho, this device was about the size of 5 or 6 CD jewel cases (remember them) and took images - I'd be stretching credulity by calling them photos - at a massive 640 x 470 pixels. That's right, John Boy, pure VGA. And that's not all - the device stored these "images" on high-tech at the time 3.5 inch "floppy disks". Yup, the ones that would store 1.44Mb of data on each floppy. Massive. At the time.

So get this. It's 1997 and I'm about to embark on an epic kayaking and mountain bike trip in Southern Utah. You know, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. You think I might bring my Pentax MX 35mm camera with a couple of nice prime lenses? No. Or maybe my nice Olympus Stylus Epic, a nice 35mm point-and-shoot. No siree Bob. I choose to haul into the desert the Mavica and a small plastic box of floppy disks (my film). Silly boy with silly 90's haircut!

In any case, at least I got the memories, and these grainy "images". Better than nothing I suppose.

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