Oh Escher Where Art Thou?

Oh Escher Where Art Thou?, originally uploaded by john m flores.
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Dresden. For many, the name of this city conjures up vivid images of the Allied bombing of this "Florence of the Elbe" and the hell-on-earth firestorms that followed. Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five gives a vivid, first-hand account of this dark point in the history of humankind. Check out the movie if you haven't. Even better, get the book - Vonnegut is a great storyteller.

Visit today and you'll see a city in transition, preserving what remains of the historic past while plastering over the more recent Dresden that sat on the other side of the Berlin Wall. It's a interesting mix of very old and brand spanking new, and if you wander off the beaten track you can wind your way up the spires of one of the tallest churches in town and take a step back in time with ever riser.

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