Handmade, wood-framed qajaq (kayak) at Jersey Paddler show

Ahhh, freedom from the mirror and the optical viewfinder! If I had brought a dSLR, I would have had to have someone hold my legs as I hung upside down and contorte myself into the belly of this kayak. And don't even suggest using Live View mode of a dSLR - all the inelegant gesticulations of the mirror would have surely offended these beautiful objects! Shot with the Pentax K-01 with the DA 35mm F2.8 Macro Limited, ISO3200

Met some nice people at Jersey Paddler that make wooden kayaks in the traditional Greenland style - a wooden skeleton sheathed in a waterproof frabric. They are beautiful objects cared for by nice folk! Check out www.qajaqusa.org/ for more info.

More photos of this beautiful kayak can be found on my Flickr. Click on the photo.

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