Low Light Pizza (aka Pentax K-1 @ ISO6400)

Via Flickr:
Nearly every time I hang out with my wife's family, someone mentions the pizza that Granma and Granpa used to make in Newark back in the day. The stories of Sunday gatherings to eat pizza are legend. It's been over fifty years now but they still get starry-eyed just talking about it. It must have been that good. One of the prevailing theories is that there was something about the Newark water that made it special. No joke. Some have tried to re-create the pizza. They have come close. But no cigar.

My wife's parents have spent the last several months trying to resurrect the old family recipe. I am a very willing test subject. This batch was very very nice....

PHOTO NOTES: Pentax K-01 with Pentax DA21mm F3.2, ISO6400, beneath the dim compact fluorescents that inhabit the ceiling fan in the kitchen. I've boosted the exposure by one stop in post, so that effectively makes this an ISO12,800 shot. Chew on that.

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