Save the Date

Save the Date, originally uploaded by john m flores.

You might think that in this day and age - it's 2011 for heaven's sake! - that God's message regarding the end of the world would be Tweeted or Grouponed (End of the World - 100% off!) rather than lettered onto the back of a hulking Toyota Land Cruiser. In case you can't read the fine print, it says, "HOLY GOD WILL BRING JUDGEMENT DAY ON MAY 21, 2011" along with "1-800-543-1495" just above the bumper. Jesus, don't you know that SUVs are so out of style?

Besides, May 21, 2011 is not that far away - if you've been really bad, is there really enough time to undo all of those sinful deeds and gain entry into everlasting life? Some people I know would probably have to pull a month of do-nothing-but-good-deeds all nighters just to have a shot at salvation. Then again, are there enough old ladies to help cross the street at 3 in the morning? The only ladies I know on the street at 3am are the ones that got you into this mess in the first place.

I will say this - the use of all caps is entirely appropriate here. Anything less than announcing the end of the world should be normal case.


  1. The humorous approach might be quite immediate after what you saw, but personally, it freaks me out to high heaven.

    I don´t need to remind you that there´s a lot of mentally deranged people around, and in the US, that doesn´t necessarily exclude that you don´t have a perfectly capable set of guns, unfortunately.

    That man in there may be giving his own personal warning, alerting other people when HIS Judgment Day is coming.

    Of course, this is only a supposition, but first all, mentally sane do not have thos stickers; and secondly, if on May 21st you find this guy´s license plate on the evening news, I can assure you you´ll be sorry.

    Please phone your local police station, since you have the license plate. It takes you 2 minutes and you may be literally saving lives.

    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Not only you don´t even reply, you just delete the message and to hell with it, right?

    What a great fellow citizen you are, buddy... I hope you sleep tight at night.

  3. If you are referring to the message that was sent yesterday....

    I received it via email but by the time I logged into Blogger it was deleted. Not by me. I suspect that your use of a pharmaceutical product as your user name triggered some spam/phish mechanism.

    Now with regards to your original question - I am not as alarmed as you are. I live in the New York metro area, after all, and if I attempted to report every kook I saw then I'd have no time to earn a living and eventually I'd become a kook myself.

    If you really are concerned, then by all means contact the authorities and direct them to this photo. This is a free country and you have that power as much as I do.

    In closing, I will say this - I find the alarm and anger and expectations that you put upon a complete stranger (me) a more than a little off-putting. We haven't met, yet you are telling me what I should do and angry when I don't reply immediately. Where in the real world would this kind of behavior be accepted?

  4. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Hi, I´m back, to check on you.

    First of all, my initial comment DID post, since I double-checked it was properly posted, precisely due to the nature of my message to you. The reason why it "disappeared", you may know it. I don´t know it, but I may have an idea, of course.

    Secondly, you find the expectations I "put upon a complete stranger", a "little off putting", when you don´t "reply immediately". If by "immediately" you mean the couple of entire days I left to allow you a proper reply, you certainly have a peculiar sense of what "immediate" is. And PLEASE, forgive me for getting "angry" when I see another human being basically eluding his most basic social responsibilities to other fellow human beings. That´s so nasty of me! After all, reporting "every kook" who has apocalyptic messages written on his vehicle must be taking an extraordinary toll on you, living in the NY area and all...

    And thirdly, "THIS is a free country"?? With that statement, you keep showing how enlightened you are... I DO NOT LIVE IN YOUR COUNTRY. I LIVE IN THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, as you could have checked with very little effort and/or skill. So, it should be OBVIOUS that it is far more difficult for me to communicate with your local police, and far more INEFFECTIVE, too, since the chances of them paying attention to some guy who saw a picture on the Net from the other side of World, are MINIMAL compared to what a local resident and AUTHOR of the picture, could do with those extraordinarily valuable 5 minutes of your super-busy life.

    But you know what? After reading your glorious message, now I´ve decided to do it, even if it means paying the phone call and all, calling your local police from another continent, to warn them about something you clearly refused to. You know why? Because we´re different kind of persons, and I´m the kind of person who doesn´t sleep at night when I think there may be someone in danger, simply because I just preferred to keep massaging my balls.

    Hopefully, it´ll be just a false alarm, which is the more likely thing to be, of course. But if it isn´t, let me GUARANTEE YOU something: that I´ll be sending both the police and your local newspapers the several screenshots I just stored of my warnings to you in this blog, including this last one, actually posted, reply; included in those screenshots, of course, are both your name and picture, since I´m sure the theoretical victims of your "kook" will be even more delighted with your good nature than my "angry" self... ;)

    And now, you can keep sleeping tight. I know I´ll have a good reason to.

    Over and out, "sir".

  5. 1 - Your messages fall into the Spam filter, probably because of your name.

    2 - Am I really expected to research the origin of every comment that I get to surmise whether it is domestic or otherwise?

    3 - Do not counsel me on the threat that kooks pose - I live in the shadow of New York and witnessed the horror of 9/11.

    4 - It's 5/23 and we are both still here.