Pentax K-01 at the Cloisters. In-camera HDR sample

Via Flickr:
This is my first time really using the K-01 "in anger" as they say, not just fiddling at home with the cats or taking random shots. We went to the Cloisters because we had not been there before, but I was going with the express purpose of seeing if the K-01 had the stuff. In the quietness of home I had noted the soft sound of the shutter, which made the screwdrive AF seem even louder and more obtrusive than before. But here is a quiet public space where people are walking around quietly and having hushed conversations. Did the K-01 draw attention to itself? In a word, no. With the DA21, DA40, and DA70 the AF always focused quickly, and I was able to take photos without drawing attention. The DA35 F2.8 Macro too longer, which bothered me more than anything. But that's the nature of that lens, not the camera.

This was shot with the DA40, ISO400, AutoWB. This is a sample of in-camera HDR. I've tweaked the contrast a bit in LR, but otherwise this is pretty close to what came out of the camera. Focus is off a bit here in the 100% crop, on the back wall instead of the couple on the bench. Hard to say whether this is camera or user error as I was working quickly to capture the moment before it fleeted away. The slight blur could be from the fact that this is a handheld HDR. That and the fact that I've been drinking a lot of coffee lately.

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