Street shooting at the Cloisters with the Pentax K-01

Via Flickr:
I haven't read about the history of the Cloisters yet, but it's a beautiful little building, a mix of medium-sized exhibit spaces and formal outdoor garden spaces. As such, the light source and levels are constantly changing. I relied upon Auto White Balance for most of the day, and also found myself bouncing between ISO100 and ISO1600/3200. This shot is ISO1600.

The spaces themselves are lovely and wonderfully varied, from impressive and formal to small and intimate. Here, off a courtyard, is a melange of wonderful textures and forms. Light from a courtyard is coming in from the left while light from an outside window is coming from the right. If you look at the central column you'll see the slight blue cast on the right. I think that the AWB of the K-01 handled this really well.

This is also a situation where a rear screen is very helpful. I'm keeping the camera at just above waist level and very discreetly and quickly metering, focusing, and shooting. I took five quick shots of this couple - they didn't even look up.

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