The Unicorn Room at the Cloisters, NYC

Via Flickr:
with the Pentax K-01 and the DA21mm F3.2 Limited. ISO6400, 1/20s.

There wasn't a lot of light in this room, but the high ISO performance plus Shake Reduction helped me get the shot. Viewed 100%, there's some noise that should be easily cleaned. Most importantly, there's none of the color blotchiness or shifting that I've seen with other cameras at this ISO.

It's times like this though where I wish that the DA21 was more like F2.8 or F2.4 or faster still. But that would mean a larger lens I imagine, and the higher the ISO capabilities go, the less that will matter.

I do ask myself, "could I have taken this shot with my Micro Four-Thirds kit?" That would likely have been the GH2 with the tiny 14mm F2.5. I probably would have started at ISO1600 and hoped for the best, then gone to ISO3200 to gain a little shutter speed. The GH2 doesn't have image stabilization though, so it would have been a challenging shot to keep steady. Ultimately, I probably could have gotten a decent shot. Truth told, this is nothing to write home about either, just an interesting exercise. And a unicorn.

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