Driving to Coney Island in 45 Seconds

This trip usually takes an hour. Two hours with traffic. You can take it in 45 seconds from the comfort of your home. Highlights include the Verrazano Bridge, and some of the rides at Coney Island.

Shot with the Contour ROAM's time lapse feature. Images initially processed in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for brightness, contrast, clarity, cropping, etc... I also did some global spot removal on the dirty windshield. Lightroom was great because I was able to edit a single photo and then apply those setting to all the photos in the set. I even did a gradient filter on the sky to help bring out some of the texture. Watch the clouds - they're pretty cool.

From Lightroom, I exported 1080p files which I then brought into Apple's Final Cut Pro X for sequencing and adding the skateboard sound effect.

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