Tiger, take 2 (Nikon v. Panasonic)

Tiger, take 2

Here are two tigers for you investigation. Actually, it's one tiger, photographed twice, to compare two camera systems. My photo above was taken with the Nikon 1 V1 with the 30-110mm zoom @ 110mm (297mm eq), 1/125s, F6.3, ISO640. And here's my wife's photo with the Panasonic GH2 with 100-300mm zoo @ 100mm (200mm eq), 1/640, F5.6, ISO1600.


Now this isn't an exact tiger-to-tiger comparison of course, but it's pretty clear even at web resolutions that the Panasonic is outgunning the Nikon here. It's interesting but not decisive. Some things that may have affected the Nikon include:

- It was my first time shooting the camera in anger

- Both photos shot through dirty glass. My wife may have found a piece of marginally less-dirty glass

- Even though the Nikon zoom has Vibration Reduction (VR), camera shake may have played a role in the output.

- I'm still coming to grips to where the Nikon's ISO starts really deteriorating.

In any case, interesting stuff for sure.


  1. Your lion is a tiger

    1. And this is why I need an editor! Thanks for pointing that out!