On the road to Escalante

On the road to Escalante

Finally, a camera I can hang around my neck again as I ride. Pentax Q FTW. I've added a small lens hood to the 01 Standard Prime lens to help control flare as well as protect the objective element from being scratched as it is jostled around. On a road like this, there's little risk in taking a shot as you ride, and the Q's Image Stabilisation helps.

The rain's all but done for the day, and the road dries as we make our way to Escalante. It's 35 degrees cooler than it was when we left Arizona, and my raincoat is providing a welcome layer of insulation over my fully-perforated jacket. The Victory Cory Ness Cross Country Tour has heated seats, which is nice, but the custom handgrips have eliminated the heated grips. Oh well, it's not that bad. It's been a pretty epic first day for a boy from back East. I've traveled some of these roads before, but it's always a welcome shock to the senses to come out here, the mythical American Southwest.

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