A motorcycle, a grandma, and a lighthouse

A motorcycle, a grandma, and a lighthouse

And so we're at Pemaquid Point in Maine. We've received permission to park the BMW R 1200 RT up on the grass so that we can get our shot. It's about lunchtime so the sun is high in the sky - not the best conditions. But we take our photos anyway. Then a group of women comes and parks grandma right near the bike as they go and explore the lighthouse. I go over and make small talk.

"Beautiful day", I say.
"Oh yes it is!" she replies. "I'm really enjoying watching the birds and the ships out on the ocean."
"Yes, it really is pretty. There's just one thing that would make this day better."
"What's that?" she says.
"A lobster roll." I reply.
"Well I'll just wait here while you go fetch us some."

Perfect. She didn't miss a beat. And as sharp as that pointy thing on top of the light house. I love chance encounters like this.


  1. Nice human story and a great motorbike! A friend has one and we swapped on the way to the Australian Moto GP last October ( I was on my Rockster).

    I want to visit Maine some day.

  2. And I'd love to visit Phillip Island one day to watch MotoGP! Thanks for stopping by!