World's #1 Ranked Women's Tennis Player Victoria Azarenka @30FPS with the Nikon 1 V1

[Click on animation to view larger (720p)]

Here's another example of what the Nikon 1 V1 is capable of, this time featuring the current #1 women's player Victoria Azarenka. As with Roddick, I could not shoot at 60FPS because Azarenka's serve takes more time than the V1 has buffer (half a second @ 60FPS). Likewise, even at 30FPS I can't capture the full serve, just from post-toss to serve.

If you click on the animation you can see it at 720p. That's not even close to the full resolution - 10MP. And it's an animated GIF, so it's only 256 colors. And it's still big - nearly 3Mb. But you get the idea.

Now take a big step back - approximately 10 years or so - if someone told you that you'd be able to shoot 30FPS at 10MP with a camera about the size of a small superzoom would you have believed them?

I'll be taking the V1 on my next motorcycle trip - Maine. Still trying to think of creative ways to utilize this 30FPS...

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