There are days when you just aren't feeling it.

There are days when you just aren't feeling it.

In the Big Apple for the annual IMS Motorcycle Show. The train burrows under the Hudson River and we come up for air at NY Penn Station, a hive of activity. I mean, this is like the crossroads of the world almost and a great location of street photos. But I'm just not feeling it. Happens sometimes.

I only took three photos all day. Actually, that's a lie. I'm not counting the half dozen Instagram photos that I took on the way in. For some reason I don't think of them as photos. They're more disposable snapshots I guess. Maybe it was the winter weather that discouraged me. More likely was the fact that I wasn't in the city to take photos, so my mindset wasn't there. After all, if I don't have the time to get into 'the zone' then maybe I shouldn't bother.

But on the other hand - it's New freakin' York freakin' City. Some people save up for months and years to visit Gotham. It's such an awesome place. I shouldn't take it for granted, because who knows where life heads; I could find myself many miles away from this city that never sleeps.

At the end of the day, I think that I was lazy and distracted. I shouldn't let that happen again. I should always be on duty just in case life happens right in front of my eyes.

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