It's in the Bag, Baby Photo Edition

It's in the Bag, Baby Photo Edition

Heading out soon to photograph my friends' precocious little one year old. This is what I'm bringing:

Pentax K-5 with grip
DA21mm F3.2 Limited
DA70mm F2.4 Limited
FA31mm F1.8 Limited
FA43mm F1.9 Limited

That's it. I was going to bring the DA* zooms but then I looked at the photos I'd taken six months ago and the DA70 and DA21 got the most keepers. I'm bringing the FAs for a little workout. My wife will be shooting the K-01 (currently with the FA31) and I'll start with the K-5 with the FA43.

For lighting, I've got a Metz 58 AF-1 in the bag, but we'll probably use the CFL softbox more. It's an 85watt bulb that puts out as much light as a 400 watt tungsten without the heat.

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