2011 @ ISO3200
2011, originally uploaded by john m flores.

Took this one on New Year's Eve. The GH2 and Fotodiox adaptor still had the new car smell and I used an old Pentax M50 F1.7 in the dark cold night. This was shot at ISO3200 - not bad for a small(er) sensor....


  1. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Nice shot, spoilt by noise.

    I've been interested in the GH2, but for all its brilliance, it still fails to tempt me away from my K-x.

  2. I've shot extensively with the K-x - it's a very very good camera at its pricepoint. But if I had to choose between the K-x and the GH2 for the kind of shooting that I'd do, I think that I might choose the GH2 while it lags behind in still images by a hair, it's much better for video. It would be very close though.

    Had this shot been taken with the K-x, it might have been marginally better in terms of noise, with in-body IS permitting a shot at ISO1600 perhaps. Then again, unless you used the rare and expensive and very very good FA31, you'd lose a stop even when using the DA35/F2.8 vs. the Panasonic 20/F1.7.

    In either case, look past the noise. This was New Year's, midnight. Dark. And still an evocative photo...

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