Macro Comparison - Panasonic GH2 vs Pentax K20, both with the DA35 F2.8 Macro Limited

Here's one of those rare circumstances when you can test two cameras using the same lens. The effective focal length changes of course when you move the lens from one camera to the next, but this does give you a sense of how the respective cameras and sensors handle macros with the same pieces of gass interpreting the image. Of note:

- both cameras/sensors render a similar level of detail - I never knew that apple's had hair!

- the added DOF of M43 helps with macros

- it might be hard to see at web resolution, but the GH2 does exhibit noise in the upper right region. In contrast, the K20d is smooth here. This is the noise that have some people worried about the GH2. In my experience, level 20 NR in Lightroom makes the noise go away.

- the GH2 colors are hypersaturated. The Panasonic seems to want to make the world more colorful than it really is

- The K20d is performing quite well for an old, obsolete camera!

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