World's Smallest Loser

When you by a new camera, you inevitably use the new toy a lot. And some of your other cameras - the ones that used to be the shiny new toys and the favorites - get jealous. They remember when they were the flavor of the month, and now they are day old bagels.

The new camera newness wears off inevitably, and you end up reaching for the camera that's best suited for the situation you expect yourself in. But in this sensor shuffle, one or more older cameras gets picked less and less because the new guy does things just a little better.

For me, the camera that the Panasonic GH2 has pushed off the island is the little Canon G10. They're not really comparable, but the GH2 fitted with the wonderful 20mm F1.7 is nearly as small as the Canon, with superior image quality, superior video, and superior low-light performance. The G10 has a zoom in it's small package, and maybe if I were out and about more in the Spring it would get called on more, but right now it's dim and damp and I'm mostly indoors, so the 20mm F1.7 works just fine. So, Canon G10, you are, for me, the World's Smallest Loser!

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