Beneath the dogwood

Beneath the dogwood, originally uploaded by john m flores.

In the few short months of owning the GH2, I've become a regular over at Mu-43.com, a discussion forum for Micro Four-Thirds. It's a really good group of folks - a mix of seasoned pros that have added M43 to their dSLR kit and younger folks stepping up from a point-and-shoot.

They had a contest recently - bokeh photography - which I won. The prize was the new Pinwide pinhole lens from Wanderlust Cameras. Basically, it's a body cap with a small hole that makes your camera perform like a pinhole camera of days gone by.

It just came in the mail, and straightaway I went outside and tried it out. This is from the first set. Looking forward to playing with it some more, and love the idea that this little lenscap of a lens takes the emphasis away from technical excellence and put the emphasis back where it belongs - creativity.

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