Panasonic GH2 at work

Shot a couple of interviews yesterday. Here's the setting for one of them. The GH2 and all the related camera and audio gear fit in a backpack while the lights fit in a large bag. A great mobile kit!

Gear is as follows:
Panasonic GH2 camera
Pentax DA70 F2.4 Limited Lens (Fotodiox adaptor)
Cokin ND Grad filter and hoods (P)
Panasonic mic
Vanguard Alta Pro tripod and head
Interfit Super Cool-Lite 5 key
126 LED fill
Tascam DR-07 audio recorder
Radio Shack lavalier mic


  1. I still have lenses that are left-overs from my K1000 and istDL. And, I'd like to get a smaller camera like the GH2, or the new G3. I see that you're using Pentax lenses. Do you need an adaptor? Is everything manual focus? Would any Pentax lenses work? Other comments/suggestions? Much obliged.

  2. @Weroth, you do need an adapter from Pentax K to M43. You can go cheap with one you find on Ebay or Amazon, or spend for the higher quality ones from Novoflex or Voightlander. If you have older lenses with an aperture ring you do not have to get an adapter with an aperture ring.

    The adapters don't have any electronics, so the lens is fully manual - aperture and focus.

    The Pentax lenses that I've used - from 30+ year old primes to modern zooms - have all worked well on the Panasonic GH2.

    Good luck!