Hello. Kitty.

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Nate's looking at me thinking, "Is that the GH1 that you just bought?" Why yes, Nate, it is. I'm still working to get the hang of it. 90% of it is practically identical to the GH2, but it's that 10% that needs some sussing out. It's wierd taking a step back to an older model, but it was hard to say no to at the Facebook clearance price of $299.

"So what's the difference?" Nate asks me telepathically.

Well, Nate, I'm glad that they moved the control dial to the rear of the GH2; on the GH1 it's on the front at the top of the grip and hard to use on a body this small. Conversely, the video record button is on the rear, precisely where the rear dial is on the GH2, and I've accidentally pressed it more than once, so now it's been disabled. And it's a minor nit, but the menus is a sickly pale pink - who's idea was that?

"Anything else?" Nate asks, holding back a yawn.

Not yet, little guy. I haven't used it enough to form any usesful impressions.

"Well, I'm going to nap. Snap away. I'll ask you later about that big thing you have attached at the top."

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