Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple, originally uploaded by john m flores.

I haven't been shooting much lately, so apologies for letting the blog lie fallow. Part of the reason - I had to send my GH2 back to Panasonic. A ProSpec SD card got stuck and when I pulled it out with some force a small bit stayed stuck inside. There's a saying in motorsports - that most failures of expensive race cars are due to cheap five-cent parts like loose nuts, bad washers, cheap hose clamps and the like. That's how this felt.

Anyways, someone at Panasonic saw my sob story on the Micro Four Thirds Forum MU-43.com and made sure that Panasonic paid for shipping and returned the camera to me in short order. So thank you Panasonic.

In the meantime, I ordered a Facebook special clearance GH1 for just $299! The failure of a small part and subsequent time without a camera reminded me that I've got to have a good backup. In a perfect world I'd have another GH2, but it's hard to pass up the GH1 at that price. It's a bit annoying that the batteries are different, and the controls are a bit different too, but it is a highly capable second body. Shots taken with it soon. Promise...


  1. That sucks about the card, a true sweaty palms type moment. I have a GH2 also, but I saw a GH1 for $399. and was tempted. As you say $299. Is a no brainer especially since you can hack all versions now. Facebook huh?

  2. @artjones, Like Panasonic's Facebook page. That gives you access to special deals. I think the GH1 offer is done, but there may still be a special on the GF2