Yeah, so like a year or so ago I took the step to register WhatBlogIsThis.com to be more official I guess remove the Blogspot.com from the URL. I did it through Google and it was easy and cool. And then when it came time to renew, I found out too late. Seems like within that year, Google got themselves out of the business of domain name registration and I didn't get the memo. So, the Internet being filled with hucksters like it is, once the domain expired some opportunist set their fat ass on WhatBlogIsThis.com and is currently squatting on it. So sorry if any of you have had trouble finding this blog under its old domain www.WhatBlogIsThis.Blogspot.com. The squatter probably wants a couple of hundred but there's no chance in heck that I'm giving it to him. Besides, a lot of my photo writing is moving over to NewCameraNews.com, so head over there if you want a laugh. In any case, thanks for stopping by if you've done so regularly. I won't be updating this blog as frequently anymore, but it was fun while it lasted... john

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  1. Whew -- I found your site again, that was close - would like to hear your comments about the new Nikon 1 V3, if you would.