The old parts bin grows

The old parts bin grows, originally uploaded by john m flores.

Everyone needs a winter project, the thing that can help pass the time during those days when the sun sets before work ends. The best projects are in the basement or some other work space that takes you away from the world.

This is mine - resurrecting an old bike. I purchased a Raleigh race bike back in 1987 or 1988, back when Greg Lemond was battling in the Tour de France and America was experiencing a little bike boom. As I always do, I scoured magazines and reviews and settled upon the Raleigh. It was a great first bike and, ironically, the best-fitting bike I've ever purchased. The Canondale that followed may have been cooler, but that is long gone and the Raleigh remains as the benchmark.

I've just about taken every piece that can be taken off the bike and placed it in this tool drawer, where it awaits cleaning and reassembly. Not all of these parts will make it onto the reborn bike, but they all served me well over the years.

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