Move to Amend - Princeton Junction NJ

Brought the GH2 to it's first indoor event, a political meeting at a local library. As with most places of this ilk, the lighting is mostly poor dim fluorescent and the room colors a mix of drab and more drab.

The night was spent at ISO1250 mostly and the GH2 was mated to the slow but image stabilized 14-140 kit lens. I also had the Metz 50 AF-1 flash for a short spell.

Overall, the results were meh. Ok, but nothing special. Some of it has to do with the setting - it would be hard to get anything real nice in this poorly lit monotone room. But if my memory serves me, the Pentax K-x has performed better in similarly drab situations - the extra ISO and the faster 2.8 glass probably helping a lot.

And the flash - still a work in progress. Not as "set and forget" as the Pentax is, which is kind of damning with faint praise.

I suspect that my results will improve with more experience and faster glass, but we may be bumping up against the limits of this camera a bit...

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