poseur, originally uploaded by john m flores.

Here's a simple example of the benefit of a flip-twist screen, this one on the GH1. Imagine taking this shot on a dSLR without one. It can be done, but would require a lot or trial and error. Here, in the heat of the Kansas sun, it was a snap - flip out the screen, compose, shoot, check. Done.

Optically, the GH1 is a fine instrument. Some would argue that as far as still images go, it's a smidge better than the GH2. I won't argue either way - they are both good and entirely sufficient for my needs. I'm still working on setting it up in a way that avoids menu diving for my most common method of shooting - M mode with single point AF.

And for the record, I did try to clean this chrome dome before taking the shot, but it's hard to tell if it is spotless while on your knees at the side of the highway.

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