Two sleeping cats prove the effectiveness of image stabilization (354mmEQ, 1/20s)

Via Flickr:
Confession - I haven't taken a lot of photos lately. Besides being really busy with work, I just haven't found the inspiration and motivation to get out there and take photos. Maybe it's the winter doldrums setting in.

But everyone once in a while I'll step away from my home office and snap some shots around the house, usually of sleeping cats. As we all know, the Internets is saturated with photos of cats ("caturated"?). But I wanted to share this otherwise mundane photo for one simple reason - it's a 1/20s exposure at a 35mm equivalent focal length of 354mm. Taken with the Panasonic GH1 @ISO1600 with the 100-300 F4.0-5.6 with MegaOIS (Optical Image Stabilization). Yes,, it's a slow lens, but if you've got inanimate subjecsts (or sleeping ones), you can pull off pretty crazy shots that just a few short years ago were unheard of. I even pulled of a 420mm EQ shot with good sharpness.

Good holding and stabilization technique helps, but no bones about it, the real star here is the awkwardly-named MegaOIS. And Alex and Nate, as usual.

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