Alex, Again.

Alex, Again., originally uploaded by john m flores.
I felt so bad about that last photo with the poor photos of this cat. I had to try again! Panasonic GH2 with 20mm F1.7 pancake lens. Photos shot at ISO1600, F1.7, 1/30.

This is more like it. As you can tell by the settings, there wasn't a lot of light in the room, just a lamp on the bedside table with a compact fluorescent, probably 16 watts or so. I even pushed this in Lightroom 3 by 1.25 stops, as well as juiced up the clarity, vibrance and saturation. The result is very finely detalied with very little noise in the original file - I did not add any in post.

It's photos like these that may me comfortable with my choice in the GH2...


  1. Beautiful picture, and fidelity.

  2. Finally we can use iso 1600 on Panasonic M4/3 cameras.

  3. Thank you eolake. Yes, ISO1600 is nice. F1.7 helps too!

  4. Yes. I would have liked in-body stabilization, but with 1.7 and wide-ish lenses, I can photograph in very low light anyway, I found.

    I'm getting the GF2 also, for when I don't carry a bag. I love a very compact camera.

  5. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Well, this is great picture. What I like with the 20mm coupled with the GH2 is to take small (coloured) objects pictures around my house. The result,light and fidelity are quite impressive indeed with this little lens gem. Discovered your blog today, as I purchased GH2+14-140+20mm 1 month ago in Europe, and I am still discovering all its great attributes. Your blog is great inspiration! Bruno