Somerset County Courthouse

Somerset County Courthouse
I'm lucky to have such a pretty building within a mile from my house. Even on overcast days it sits like a jewel.

I'm also lucky to have the Pentax DA70 F2.4. It's the kind of lens you build a system around. With this piece of glass I know that every bad shot is my own damned fault, and I work to be worthy of it. If I were really a geek I'd show you 100% crops of the four corners and go on about the lens is sharp all the way to the corners and purple fringing is well controlled throughout the frame. But I'm not that kind of geek. The DA70 looks at me and says, "Test shots, they bore me. Give me something more interesting, something from life, and a I will draw it for you as best I can."

K-01 Note: In daylight with low contrast subjects (white building agains cloudy sky) it's hard to get precise framing. An OVF would certainly be better here. But you think I would have learned to not tilt the camera and give photos enough breathing rooming that I can rotate them in Lightroom without losing precious details. Tilted horizons are a problem with me no matter what camera.

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