Carousel, originally uploaded by john m flores.
Looking through some old photos brought me to this, Newark Airport Baggage Claim captured with the Ricoh GX100. I loved this little cam, quirks and limitations wrapped up in a solid little package. Some Roman cretin relieved me of this camera in 2009, and I lived without a good small cam until I bought the Panasonic GF2 at a deep discount. The GF2 was quantitatively better, but it's flown the coop - into the hands of a very talented photographer (http://chiptilden.tumblr.com/).

I've got the Pentax K-01 of course, which I am enjoying thoroughly. I take it everywhere in a messenger bag with the DA21mm F3.2 and DA70mm F2.4 Limiteds. Yesterday I took it to the supermarket much like I did with the GF2 and enjoyed shopping with it.

Time will tell if the K-01 fills the void left by the GX-100. But I wouldn't be surprised if I end up with a little Ricoh again.

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