Detail from "The Lamentation"

Via Flickr:
Whoever laid out the galleries and pieces in the Cloisters has a wonderful sense of lighting. This piece is perpendicular to a series of stained glass windows that cast this wonderful directional light upon the piece, placing particular emphasis on the two main figures, Jesus and Mary. It's a really beautiful piece of art, and to be honest, it's tough to take a bad photo of it. Come to think of it, a good excercise for aspiring photographers is to photograph sculpture, as the pose is already set and it's up to the photographer to frame the shot in an interesting way. If you just look at the orientation of the faces in this shot, you'll see that the various orientations add to the visual interest. The figures aren't simply all looking down upon Jesus but rather in different moments.

Shot with the Pentax K-01 and the DA 21mm F3.2 Limited. ISO3200. I've added a touch of contrast in post but that's about it.

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