The Secret Life of Trees

The Secret Life of Trees, originally uploaded by john m flores.
The red Japanes Maple is blooming in the backyard.

Taken with the Panasonic GH2 with the 100-300mm zoom. I've found this an odd but potent combination for shots like this as the long focal lengths help create depth of field, even with this DOF-challenged sensor. Lens-based image stabilization helps nail the shot.

The Secret Life of Trees, II

Another shot with this setup. I'm shooting in the shade of the tree with a little sunlight filtering through, creating a dramatic scene. I'm pushing the shadows further down in Lightroom to make things more dramatic still. The GH2 is a great shooting tool, the EVF providing great pre- and post- shot info, making it a snap to get just the exposure you want. After the shininess of the K-01 fades, the GH2 re-asserts itself as a seriously good camera.

Speaking of the Pentax K-01...
The Secret Life of Trees, III
Pentax K-01 with DA70mm F2.4 Limited.

After shooting with the GH2, I wanted to see how the K-01 fared, so I went inside and swapped cameras. Now I'm not using equivalent focal lengths or anything but the DA70 is as inappropriate as the Panasonic 100-300mm for this kind of stuff. Some of it is mental. With a long zoom like the 100-300mm you kind of expect long working distances; it comes with the territory. The snub-nosed DA 70 on the other hand tricks you into thinking you can get closer but you really can't. The working distance is shorter but so is the focal length, so composing was different and more challenging.

The K-01 AF struggled a bit here, partially because I was getting as close as I could but sometimes falling within the minimum focus distance of the DA70. Even when I locked focus I someones focused on the wrong thing; I should have used MF with Focus Peaking. And with some of the shots I found a suprising amount of chromatic abberation. The Panasonic 100-300 exhibited none, but maybe that's the camera doing its digital tricks.

To be fair I should go out with the DA35 F2.8 Macro Limited, but the light's changed. Some other day then...

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