To boldly go where no kitty has gone before...

Nate prepares for launch aboard Spaceship Kitty.

Taken with the Pentax K-01 with the DA21mm F3.2 Limited. This combo is always with me. Slips neatly into my Boblbee messenger bag along with the DA70, a 15" Macbook Pro, an iPad 2, some ND filters, and so on. The K-5 might be able to squeeze in this bag but I doubt it.

The K-01 also fits in my small Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger bag quite easily with a couple of primes, an iPad2 and some space left over. The K-5 fits, but not as well, the prism hump bulging the bag outwards and catching whenever inserting or removing the camera.

And while the DA21mm F3.2 Limited isn't very fast, the high ISO and Shake Reduction of the K-01 helps counter that.

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