Separated at Birth?

Look what my brother bought (left). I've just handled it briefly - it's a solid piece, much smaller than it looks in the photos. AF seems snappy, even with the slower Panasonic 20mm/F1.7.

What is a little surprising is the size comparison to the K-01. The Pentax is clearly larger, but not significantly so. In other words, the K-01 with the DA Limiteds will fit in the same bags the Olympus will fit into.

With the Panasonic 25/1.4 shown and the built in EVF, the OM-D is arguably larger than the K-01. But again, we're really talking about millimeters, which is nominally nominal.

(testing out posting via the iPad.)


  1. Good reality check - thanks John!

  2. Thank for commenting @granitix. Today my brother had the Panasonic 20mm/F1.7 mounted and I had the DA70mm/F2.4 on the K-01. And today the K-01 looked much bigger LOL!

    Also, our cousin was visiting and he was all over the Olympus. Didn't give the Pentax a second look! Ce la vie!