Uh oh. It's happening again..

It starts with the innocent reading of reviews. Then the casual price checks on Amazon, B&H, Adorama, etc... Then a deeper dive into specs and accessories, then viewing samples on Flickr. This never ends well. What's the object d'Fascination this time? Pentax Q. Quick, someone talk me out it. [NOTE: This post is short because the Q is so small too]


  1. Well I would probably lose the baby lenses first time out, so there's something to think about...

  2. @Libby, I guess I can put them on the keychain?

    Seriously though, I'm looking for a small camera that I can shoot quality video and stop-motion (intervalometer) photography while hanging off a moving motorcycle. I have POV cams (Contour and Drift) but looking for other alternatives.

    Thanks for posting!